Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this website exist?

We are also interested in watching sex cams. However, it is not always possible to watch the livestreams, we decided to develop this website to share the livestreams so that we/you can watch/replay anytime, anywhere.

Does the website collect any personal information?

No, the only information we store is your email address that is used to sign in. We do not record any of your IP, computer hardware, credit card information, etc. You can use our website to watch live Korean adult videos without worrying.

VIP service price?

Monthly VIP membership $15/30 days, Quarterly VIP membership $40/90 days (11% discount), Annual VIP membership $99/365 days (80% discount), Permanent VIP membership $200/Forever,during the membership period, you can watch all videos for free.

Can I get a price discount?

The site strictly guarantees daily recordings with more complete member resources, a truly unique host recording community and a dedicated recording team! We've now updated over 100,000 video pieces across our entire site, and we'll be releasing updates every Sunday as we gather new resources. Prices may increase later as operating costs increase!

How to cancel VIP subscription?

You do not need to worry about the continuous deduction of subscription services, all fees on this website are one-time settlement, if you need to renew your VIP membership service, you need to upgrade the VIP service again, the website will not automatically deduct the fee.

Can I request a new model?

Due to the shortage of resources, we only allow premium user requesting new model. Contact us with your request.

Still could not find an answer for your question?

You can contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the page.